Produced in Kent

Oak Creative are proud members of Produced in Kent and we worked on their successful Kent Food Trails brand.

Produced in Kent approached Oak Creative to design the Kent Food Trails brand and a series of 6 brochures, one for each Kent Food Trail. These are: Apples, Ciders & Juices, Hops & Beers, Cheese & Diary, Craft Distilleries, Cherries & Berries, Vineyards & Wines.  

We designed the Kent Food Trails logo and set the branding for the project.  The series of brochures details the history, facts and locations of each food trail. These are consumer facing brochures, designed to be a guide for visitors to the county to explore the very best of what Kent has to offer.

To promote the Kent Food Trails we’ve also designed pull up banners, advertising and digital assets.

Find out more about this project in our blog post: Kent Food Trails

Oak Creative have worked with many of Kent’s most prestigious food and drinks producers over the past 25 years, and we’re always honoured to help the counties produce sector flourish.