Port Lympne Short Breaks

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Press campaign
  • Brand identity
  • Digital advertising

Port Lympne Reserve is fast becoming a true safari experience, in Kent.  Oak Creative work with the Port Lympne Short Breaks team, producing advertising creative to entice visitors to stay the night in the Kentish Savannah.

Short Breaks is a separate entity to Port Lympne itself, therefore Short Breaks has it’s own brand identity.  Appealing to those who love to travel, the brand is all about the multi sensory experience of sleeping and waking up so close to the wild animals.

There is a selection of accommodation situated within the park, from glamping or safari tents, to a luxury 5 star manor house hotel, or even a lodge which is set within the Tiger Closure.  Wherever guests stay, they wake up knowing the animals are just outside the door.  It’s a truly unique and enthralling experience.