Nip From The Hip Packaging and Illustration by Oakcreative

Nip from the Hip

  • Initial Logo Design and Branding
  • Label and Packaging Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Bespoke Shopify Theme Development
  • Vehicle Graphics and Exhibition Stands
  • Paper Engineering

An idea is born...

The inspiration behind the Nip From The Hip name and the branding of the company came from Alison and Paul’s wedding in February 2011, located in one of London’s top hotels.

At the wedding, guests were given flasks of gin and vodka based liquors made by Alison’s mother Joy – as the evening proceeded a ‘nip from the hip’ became common practice and an idea was born.

Getting things started

Alison came to Oak Creative in order to get the ball rolling – she needed a brand and packaging solutions for the various flavours she was going to produce. After an introduction to our team and a tour of our Newingreen studio, a creative team of Caroline, Rick, Pip and Jasper sat with Alison in our meeting room and discussed what Alison would need in the coming weeks. The team for this first stage really know their stuff when it comes to packaging design and branding.

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Pencils at the ready

From that meeting, initial sketches and visuals were produced for the Nip From The Hip branding. The emphasis was on the logo but the need for labels influenced the designs and ideas. Fonts, colours and icons were all developed at this stage. Alison wanted a classical and timeless design that would appeal to a high end market but of course it needed an artistic twist to make it stand out. This lead the creative team to came up with the Art Nouveau styling, it sat well with the company ethos harking back to a time of opulence in the 1920s.

After the team had come up with four ideas for the logo, Alison was invited back in for a presentation. One logo in particular really stood out, and the team reworked that idea, matching it up to an ideal font and colours.

Bottling it

Once the branding was approved and signed off, the team and Alison selected bottles to house the drinks, then the labels to go onto the bottles, always keeping Alison’s budget in mind as well as the quality of the finished product.

Nip From The Hip Bottle Design

Online time

After the branding was settled, the work on Alison’s Nip From The Hip website began, complimenting the hard work that had gone into the brand and the labels, and telling the Nip From The Hip story. Twitter and Facebook cover photos, avatars and background imagery also boasted the branding on all fronts.

The story continues...

We’ve introduced Alison to Biddenden Vineyards, one of our longest established client partnerships, and they were able to open up a whole world of contacts in the industry. Now Alison’s Nip From The Hip range is winning awards, flying off the shelves and expanding into new flavours and sizes. You may well see the Nip From The Hip on the roads, as well as stalls, at fayres, on bar shelves and markets alike.

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