Kingcott Dairy

Kingcott Dairy is one of Kent’s finest dairy farms, producing award winning milks and cheeses.  They have been milking for over 30 years and diversified into cheese making 10 years ago – a venture which has taken their brand to the next level.

In 2020 the new Kingcott Dairy website was launched, including a brand refresh. With severe changes in shopping habits through the Covid 19 pandemic, it was crucial for food and drink businesses to have a strong online presence to secure online sales.  Oak Creative designed and built the new website, complete with online shop, within 2 weeks during the lockdown.  The new site combined with their outstanding delivery service, has helped Kingcott Dairy to continue selling their produce in the peak of the pandemic.

Kingcott Dairy first partnered with Oak Creative in 2010 to design a humble logo to appear on the labels for their first cheeses.  Since then, we’ve worked together each time the product range has grown to ensure a strong brand identity across the entire Kingcott range.

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