Just a few examples of our print design for Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras

  • Branding, brand development
  • Design for print
  • Design for web
  • Intranet design and development
  • Stationery
  • Idea Generation
  • Paper Engineering
  • Exhibition stand design

We’ve been designing for Holiday Extras for over 25 years. We have designed, printed and developed pretty much anything you can think of for this company providing pre-booked UK airport hotels and parking.  Oak Creative are an integral part of the Holiday Extra’s team, working with all divisions of the company in the UK and Germany.  Whether it’s web development, insurance documents, booking incentive campaigns, internal branding or merchandise – you name it, everything goes through the Oak studio!

Browse through some of our work here and check the blog for the very latest projects.

We’ve recently been designing some really fun work, uniting the Holiday Extras brand and sending out some very impressive and creative promotional work.  Take a look at these blog posts to find out more about Holiday Extra’s projects: