Terms and Conditions

Oak Creative Design LTD: Terms of Trading

Terms and conditions


1. These Terms of Trading form part of the agreement between Oak Creative Design LTD and the Client and apply to all work undertaken by Oak Creative Design LTD.

2. The Client agrees that these Terms supersede any conditions which may purport to apply to the Client’s order, unless a Director or Manager of Oak Creative Design LTD specifically agrees otherwise in writing. 


3. All prices quoted are based on Oak Creative Design LTD estimate of the time, materials and any independent sub-contractor work (as appropriate), before the job is undertaken.  The quotation or estimate sets out the charging basis for the job.;  If the original specification is varied; (a) at the Client’s request (e.g. changes to copy) or; (b) for sub-contractor’s costs, or; (c) for other operational reasons (e.g. timing or delivery charges), the final price charged will be amended accordingly.


4. Oak Creative Design LTD is not responsible for the work of any independent sub-contractor that it may commission to work on the Client’s job ( e.g. printing, photography, typesetting or web hosting). If the Client suffers a loss as a result of by the sub-contractor’s work, Oak Creative Design LTD will be liable for its own negligence. Total liability to the Client will be limited to the amount paid for Oak Creative Design’s time spent on that job.; Oak Creative Design LTD is not responsible for any consequential or purely economical loss arising from the job, whatever the cause. 


5. All amounts are subject to VAT. All credit accounts are payable within 30 days of invoice date.  For non-credit account work,  payment is required when it is collected.  Interest at Bank of England Base Rate will accrue on a daily basis on any amounts unpaid and overdue. Oak Creative Design LTD retains ownership
of the work until full payment has been received. 


6. Every effort will be made to carry out the work commissioned by the Client to specification and to any pre-agreed deadlines. However, on occasions when, through no faulty of its own, Oak Creative Design LTD is unable to meet its commitments, it will not be held responsible by the Client for any actual or perceived loss that may arise or cost that may be incurred. 


7. All photographs, design, visuals, and illustrations are the copyright of Oak Creative Design LTD, unless negotiated at the time of quotation. 


8. Oak Creative Design LTD will seek a written order before any work can be started, but  In the absence of such an order it may accept oral instructions at the Client’s sole risk. 


9. The agreement between the Client and from Oak Creative Design LTD, is subject to the laws of England and Wales whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction  to hear any claims which may arise from it

Disbursements and Expenses 

10. Oak Creative Design’s fee shall be exclusive of the following disbursement and expense items relating to the agreed work: Direct Mail, Entertainment, Exhibition and display material, Market Research, Copy writing, Media monitoring (radio, television and press), Messenger services, Translation, Newspaper and magazine subscriptions, Postage, Press material distribution, Special events, meetings, conferences etc, Subsistence, International and national telephone calls, fax and isdn, E-mail, All facsimile transmissions, Travel  and necessary accommodation. 

11. Expenses will be recharged monthly in arrears 

12. Oak Creative Design LTD reserves the right to be put in funds by the Client whenever substantial advance payments or financial commitments are required on the Client’s behalf. 


13. A full budget will be prepared in advance of any work commencing. The budget will not be exceeded without prior consent of the Client.

March 2020

If you have any other questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please email us on info@oakcreative.net or call us on 01303 812848.

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