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Looking out of our studio window you can see the Kent Downs, fields as far as the eye can see and the Kent coastline just a few minutes away. Your website is a window. People look through that window from the comfort of their own homes and make a judgement on your business.

There is such a rich variety of organisations and businesses in Kent, all falling under the radar because people simply don’t walk past front doors anymore: they search online. If your website doesn’t reflect the quality of service you offer, or worse still, doesn’t even show up when they search, then the fickle browser will move onto another business, instantly.

That’s where web design in Kent becomes so important. You need a web design that’s modern, eye-catching and works seamlessly across all devices and browsers if your going to compete with businesses across the UK. You need a Kent web design that screams “we are the business you’re looking for”. You want to hold that casual browser’s attention and make an impression.

You want a web design that isn’t just pretty, but performs based on research and accurate analysis of your online audience. You want a Kent web design team that can support you throughout the working week and let you know about changes in the online world.

That’s where Oak Creative come in. We not only have the experience of designing in Kent for 25 years, but we have the web design and development skills to take you to that next level, all supported with a team of creatives armed with the most powerful design tools available.

So why not get in touch with us today and see what we can do for your business? You could pop into our studio, meet our web design team and see this view I’ve been banging on about.

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