Packaging and Paper Engineering

Point of Sale Dispensers

The most beautifully designed leaflets and brochures can only ever be appreciated if you actually pick one up. The POS dispenser gives them the stage to do that. Whether on a shop counter or an exhibition stand the dispenser has to compete with competitors and limited space.

Port Lympne and Howletts DL leaflet holder. This needed to display both parks so required a step with in the holder to do that. The surrounding imagery sets the scene for the leaflets to sit in, with iconic animals breaking out of the back board.

Personal Locator Beacon A6 brochure holder. Unlike most dispensers this design had to allow for the product to be attached above the brochure on some occasions so it had to be a side loading holder. This made the design more complicated than usual but we love a challenge!

Food Packaging and Gift Boxes

Packaging for jars and bottles involves the combination of complimentary and attractive artwork on top of a practical container. The most lavish design means nothing if the packaging falls apart when handled. Working with the manufacturers we adapt designs to suit each client. This also involves the design of inserts which gives the containers extra support without being seen. We work with many materials, from card to flexible plastics and perspex.

The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company Packaging Design

42g Marmalade Breakfast Pack – Designed for Corinthia Hotels. A plastic container to allow full view of the product a with a folded card insert to add the appropriate branding. A simple and practical design.
113g Marmalade, Ginger and Boozy Selection Gift Boxes – Designed for Lakeland stores. The card packaging here allows for more branding to come through, showing off the illustrations designed for the product ranges in a simple rectangle widow design.

Karimix Packaging Design

200g Curry and Pickle Gift Packs – Designed for Lakeland stores. Complimentary branding within a simple rectangle window. This also contained an insert which gave more stability to the box.

100ml Chilli Selection Gift Pack – Designed for Lakeland stores. The arched curves with in the window reflect those on the bottle labels. This also had an internal insert.

Spicers of Hythe

Hampers Plumb Pudding box Taste Range: Lemon Sherbet satchel box. Our challenge for Spicers was to design packaging for their hampers that had their own brand which complimented all the other products. The packaging had to adapt to fit into hampers composed for different occasions and varying sizes. We established a range of colours and graphics that would allow the boxes to do that.

Book Paper Engineering

This is one of the most creative elements to our repertoire. These are show piece projects which are incredibly enjoyable to work on but need time and appropriate budgets. The proofing stages are extremely important as print runs are not cheap.

Child’s Play International 3D natural history books for children 5 – 10 years

Book Title – Misunderstood Chameleons & Misunderstood Snakes


A whole range of skills were needed for these books, patience being the greatest! The engineering had to allow for pop ups that worked in a single spread as well as together when the book is opened. This meant pop ups from different pages overlapping, which was a challenge. The patience came with the amount of mock ups that had to be made in order to iron out any issues. This stage is critical and can be said for all paper engineering and packaging.

Book Title – Ocean Deep


This design although simpler with regards to cutters and folds than the other books it did impact on every page in the book. So when shut the layers had work as a 3D book as well as 2D when opened. The book opens up completely as a concertina which children love as they can see the whole journey unfold in one go.

The book won a silver award for ‘Best Interactive Children’s Book’ at the Independent Publisher’s Awards in New York in June 2012. Sometimes all that attention to detail does pay off.



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