Animation: Creative solutions.

Oak Creative can deliver engaging animation to really bring your campaign to life.

The Animation Process

After an initial meeting in which we discuss the ideas or information you’d like your animation to portray, including the review of any content whose style you may want to emulate, we then take the brief into the concept and sketching stage, during which we try to get a feel for the direction the animation will take. We then draft out a storyboard, displaying in a basic frame-by-frame manner how the animation will develop.

After everyone is happy, we hand over the concepts to our designers and illustrators, who flesh them out into fully-realised drawings and designs, after which our animator brings these to life following the agreed-upon storyboards.

Sketching, concepts & story-boarding

Oak Creative has a talented resource of illustrators, storybaord artists and artists. We can quickly bring an idea to life with a sketch, then into a concept and eventually a full blown story-board.


Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising includes such a vast array of media options that they’re often grouped by categories that include media found in similar places or reaching like audiences. Hover over each photo below to reveal the name of the outdoor advertising media category

Some information for you to think about…

Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than television, cable television, or newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.

Over 8 in 10 (82%) of billboard viewers look at the advertising message. Nearly half (46%) habitually look at the billboard’s advertising message each time or most of the time.

Nearly 1 in 4 (26%) adults who have viewed a billboard or other out-of-home media in the past month have visited a website they’ve seen advertised.

Information kiosks


Companies who use our animation services

All manner of companies use animation for different reasons, whether it’s advertising or explaining a complex process or concept. Some of our customers who have benefited from animation include; Port Lympne, Holiday Extras, Airparks.


The benefits of animation are many; however, primarily, it is a wonderful way of displaying what could potentially be a great deal of complex information in a concise, visually appealing, easy-to-understand format. It is a medium that is incredibly flexible, spanning simple, animated GIFs to larger character pieces, to more figurative work such as motion graphics and kinetic typography; and it provides the best of both worlds of design and video, while at the same time being able to do things that neither can.


Oak uses the latest Adobe design programs to create the initial graphics and illustrations. We then use After Effects to create stunning 2D animations from our designs. Although not capable of producing 3D, we can move layers around in a 3D space to create 3D effects, known as 2.5D.