Illustration Services

Our illustrators will blow you away

Godinton House and Gardens illustration

A truly talented illustration team

Oak Creative has some seriously skilled illustrators who have worked on a variety of projects from international award-winning children’s books to incredibly detailed village maps.

Wooden Spoon Fruit Illustrations
Wooden Spoon Fruit Illustrations for use throughout their branding

We have the artistic talents to match any illustrative style you need – pixel perfect icons, loose sketches, cartoons,artistic impression product representations… anything!

Our illustration services include:


If you need an illustrator to put together an animation for you, we can carry the project from initial sketches through to final animation files. This can range from a simple animation for a web banner to a full company introduction for YouTube.

Artist’s Impressions

If you need sketches or drawings done of something that is in the pipeline and doesn’t exist just yet, then maybe maybe an artist’s impression will help you market it. Good examples of this would be a new housing estate or your latest product that you have technical drawings for, but isn’t off the factory line just yet.

Bespoke illustration

If you need an illustration that doesn’t quite fall into any normal category then please get in touch with our illustrators. We’re used to producing ‘quirky’ illustrations – examples include an award-winning Willy Wonka-style exhibition stand for an energy company and a caricatures for the entire workforce of a recruitment agency.

Character Creation

One marketing technique a lot of businesses adopt is creating a character to help support their branding and advertising. If your business is looking to benefit from it’s own Michellin Man or Tony the Tiger, let our illustration team listen to your ideas.


We find that our illustration talents lend themselves to a certain style of maps, and have illustrated a map of Port Lympne Zoo, Godinton House in Kent as well as Tenterden’s high street. These types of illustration take a great amount of time to produce but the results are truly outstanding.