Illustration & Animation


Animation is a great way to bring your product and service to life. Whether this be within animated 6 sheets, social media tiles, infographics or instructions to explain how a product works. Oak Creative can create unique animations which will enable you to engage with customers on another level.

Artist’s Impressions

Visualising a concept and making it a reality is exactly why artists’ impressions are an incredible tool.  Oak Creative can generate accurate impressions of a new product design, a technical drawing, a building or landscape, which is often essential to bring your product to market.  Images like this are invaluable to secure investments, to generate interest on social media or your website, pitching and product training.

Bespoke illustration

Using illustration is a real investment to your brand identity.  Whether it be a hand drawn illustration, a digital style or animation.  Oak Creative has the professional expertise to deliver outstanding results which never fail to disappoint.  Illustration allows the freedom, flexibility and creativity to create something truly unique which can be used across your business for a long time.

Character Creation

Creating characters is a brilliant way to inject fun and personality into your brand – and it doesn’t have to be cheesy!  Any character created by Oak Creative will be hand drawn by our illustrator, which allows freedom and flexibility to create something truly unique.  Characters need to strike a balance between having personality and fulfilling the needs of the business, which is why we work closely with our clients to generate briefs which deliver the right results. 


As a team of visual communicators, designing a map is almost second nature to us.  Maps are ultimately a highly functional communication tool which need to be interpreted by many.  Our professional team can generate a map of your business site or location, a specific project, a park, town or walkway. Investing in way finding solutions such as maps or signage is integral to your business and your brand, making it easier to find, use and navigate for everyone who visits you.

Product Images

It’s no secret that Oak Creative has an extremely talented team of Photoshop professionals.  We’ve used our skills time and time again to create digital masterpieces, for customers in all kinds of industries.  We can create an image to showcase your product label or packaging without the requirement of a full photoshoot. The superior quality of the image produced with the life-like finish form a great way of advertising, ready to use on all platforms. 

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