Presentation Design

Looking to break out from the default templates of Powerpoint or Keynote? Limited by Times New Roman and Comic Sans and the same old transitions? Send us your content and we’ll create a presentation design with a difference that really has the right impact for your audience.

Presentation Planning

You need to think of the slides as part of the presentation. They enhance and support what you say, giving you something to layer over the listener experience. Think about your main message, structure it into bite-sized supporting points.

Presentation Design

Once you have a plan or an outline, we’ll create a consistent look and feel that adheres to your brand across typography, colours, images, graphics and video. We’ll design and supply master presentation slides for cover slides, chapter headings, content pages and video pages.

Content implementation

Upon sign-off of the presentation design styles, we will apply your content, the meat of the presentation – interspersed with transition slides. These glide seamlessly from one topic to the next and give your speech a professional delivery pace allowing for punctuation.

Remember when dealing with text, less is always more. The deck of slides must enhance and support your presentation, not become a glorified version of your presenter notes. We can add effects to your slides which bring it to life and reinforce what you are saying. We can design graphic styles for your charts and graphs that are consistent with your brand. We’ll make sure your deck of slides has a summary that is perfect for your business, whether it be a presentation to the board, a pitch for new business or a presentation for a show or conference.

Contact us today about your infographic design and see how we can help you. We also offer a range of digital services including web designemail template design and social media icon design.

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