Email Template Design

There’s more to email template design than meets the eye: several pitfalls awaits your email’s journey to your customers inbox, threatening to turn your emails in a garbled mess that goes straight to spam.

This is where our knowledge and experience in email template design comes into their own. These are just some of the issues that could result in your email not being received or read by a client:

  • Too many links
  • Not enough written content
  • Image-only content
  • Poorly constructed HTML
  • Too large a font size
  • Spammy subject line
  • Lack of customer email preference options
  • Too large a file size for the email as a whole
  • No plain text version
  • Over reliance on background images…

…and those are just the technical considerations that have to go into a robust email template design.

Oak Creative focusses on is how your customer will interact with your email, and what the ideal customer journey for you. Is it an enquiry? Is it a phonecall? Is it a sale?

We create clean, clear emails that are well designed, encourage interaction and work across as many devices and email clients as possible. We ensure that our email templates reduce down well – this means if a customer has settings on their inbox to not display images, they can still view and understand your email.

We can also split test your email campaigns – trying two different concepts at the same time and seeing which one gets the most opens and click throughs.

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