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When it comes to digital design, Oak Creative have the knowledge, skills and experience.

Ocean Signal Web Site Design
Ocean Signal’s responsive web site design for mobile, tablet and desktop.

As digital design comes of age, a host of creative design solutions are available to businesses looking to catch the attention of the casual surfer and achieve that seemingly random reward of going viral for the right reasons.

Email Template Design

A seemingly straightforward marketing tool is, in reality, plagued with pitfalls that can lead to your email going straight to a spam folder. We can create a rock-solid template where you only change the content and embedded images, leaving the branding, header and footer in place and uneditable to avoid anything not displaying correctly for recipients.

Infographic Design

A popular internet-based medium, infographics turn straightforward information into fun and eye-catching digital design, illustrating points quicker and simpler than just data alone.

Presentation Design

Looking to break out from the default templates of Powerpoint or Keynote? Limited by Times New Roman and Comic Sans and the same old transitions? Send us your content and we’ll create a powerpoint presentation design with a difference.

Social Media Icons

We can design icon sets for you to use across social media and the web in order to communicate more effectively with your client base.

Web Banners

Banners for the web come in all shapes and sizes, and to accompany your Google ads campaign you’ll need a set of beautiful banners with a creative edge to catch the attention of your everyday browser.