Digital Design

Video and Photography

Our multimedia team can make anything from a simple headshot to complete project management and production of a national TV ad. We script, shoot, present, produce and edit both photography and video, and can even help you manage your YouTube channel and analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns. With our own drone filming team, our own sound studio and experience filming on five continents, if you can imagine it we can help bring it to life on the screen. To see some of our work have a look at our new showreel.

Email Template Design

Email campaigns are the cornerstone of many businesses communications. Oak Creative specialise in building professional email templates which you can populate with your own content. The templates work across all devices and browsers, will help you clearly convey your message and encourage interaction.


When you present your business, brand, product or service, everything about the presentation needs to be professional.  Oak Creative will design a suite of slides which you can populate with your own content.  Or send us all your content and we will transform it into a high quality and visually exciting digital design.

Social Media Content

Without doubt, social media is one of the most important channels in your marketing mix. You can use imagery, videos, gifs, templates, fonts, apps – the list goes on.  We can help make sure your social media feed looks incredible and represents your brand perfectly with our digital design knowledge.

Infographic Design

Infographics allow information to be condensed and communicated in a highly visual way.  As a team of visual communicators the design of infographics is a natural resource for us to get the key facts across in a clear, fun and engaging way. Use them on your website, in presentations or brochures and across social media.

Digital Adverts

Fast superseding traditional advertising mediums, digital advertising has a high quality and impressive finish. We partner with media agencies to supply professional digital advertising artwork, on behalf of our clients.

Holiday Extras Digital Design

Web Banners

Online advertising has become far more sophisticated thanks to complex targeting capabilities.  Your web banners need to be equally as smart, speaking to the right audience and encouraging click through every time.

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