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We’ve found that clients can initially be intimidated by the logo design process – they have either never done anything like this before or don’t want to end up with a logo that doesn’t suit their business. Fret not – we listen to our customers and involve them at every stage of designing a logo: Here’s a run through of what you can expect:

Oak Creative Logo Design Process

Step 1: Let’s meet

The first stage is a meeting at Oak with a cup of coffee and a couple of our designers. It is an opportunity for you to see where and how we work: We’re a friendly bunch of creatives and this is your opportunity to ask questions, see work we’ve done in the past and see the studio. Of course if you can’t make it to us, we can always come to you.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss your company/venture in broad terms and what you aim to achieve. We are interested to know how you perceive yourself and how you wish to project yourself. We will also consider the application of your new identity on completion, it is very important to us that we design a logo fit for purpose for you.

This is when we find some clients have a very precise idea of colours, style, fonts etc. If you don’t, that’s fine: we are creative designers after all and will have suggestions and ideas for what kind of logo will suit your business.

Step 2: The Design Process

Based on the initial meeting we will begin to visualise your identity. The project is usually shared amongst the team, producing a variety of styles of logo and interpretations, giving you a better chance of finding the perfect solution.

We usually present around three logo designs for you to consider, maybe more if the creative juice has overflowed! We will follow the brief you gave us in the first meeting and expand on it a little to show you possibilities you may not have considered, after all that is why you have come to a design studio like Oak Creative.

We prefer to present at a second meeting but we can send you pdfs by email if this suits you better. When we present these visuals it isn’t unusual for a client to say they like one image, the type face of another and the colour of another – nothing is set in stone – of course this isn’t to say we never hit the nail on the head first time!

You can take away your print outs to consider. When we get conclusive feedback from you we can then put together a more developed identity for you, demonstrating how it might look on different applications, in one colour, black and white, large and small, on stationery, etc.

Step 3: The Finished Article

Once signed off, we supply you with your logo in digital formats of your choice for print and screen applications. You may wish us to apply the logo to new stationery, website or other promotional material.

Of course, every client is very different but this is, in broad terms, what you can expect from Oak Creative when you use our logo design service.

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