Brand Guidelines

We take great pride in helping your company look consistent and professional everywhere your brand appears, and brand guidelines are an excellent way to enforce this across the board.

Brand guidelines are a tool for companies large and small, to ensure your brand looks its very best everywhere it appears. Brand guidelines aren’t just something designers use (although we do get great satisfaction from them) but anyone who works with your brand can use them.

Often as a company grows, it is harder to keep the branding consistent and uniform. This is why we are great advocates of having brand guidelines that you can distribute to your partners and employees, ensuring a consistent reference point for them, either printed or based online.

Oak Creative can produce brand guidelines which feature instructions on:

  • How best to use your company logo
  • How to use your corporate colour palette
  • Examples of letterheads, email signatures and advertising
  • Examples of images or icons associated to your company
  • Any sub-brands and how they related to the parent brand

This can be produced as a printed book to keep at your office or a digital file which can be easily distributed to all parties.

Oak Creative helps many businesses polish their professional identity and strengthen their brand. It’s our business to make you look great!

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