Creative branding solutions.

Branding is a vital part of any business, whether they are just starting up and seeking attention, or are an established company looking to maintain a reputation whilst expanding into larger territories.

Ocean Signal Branding by Oak Creative
Multiple printed materials for Ocean Signal, displaying consistent branding through colour, typography and logo use.

Oak Creative can act as your branding guardians, combining years of experience with incredible skills and an eye for detail. It may all start with just a logo, but it will grow into considering all aspects of branding: from the colours you use to the tone of language you communicate in. Oak Creative will be there for every step, offering branding advice and skills.

Brand Guidelines

The bigger the company, the harder it is to keep your company’s branding consistent and uniform. You may find rogue typography or graphics creeping into printed or digital elements or your company’s advertising or general communications. This not only looks unprofessional, but could harm a brand beyond repair. Oak Creative can produce brand guides for you to distribute to your partners and employees, ensuring a consistent reference point for them, either printed or based online.

Brand Strategy

For a brand to succeed, you’ll need a long term plan for brand development.


Adopting a consistent tone across all marketing materials supports your brand identity. We offer a copywriting service that creates a voice for your brand.

Corporate Branding

Promotion of your brand as a corporate entity, not just a product or service: For when you’re thinking ‘Virgin’, not ‘plumber’.

Logo Design

Logo design is where Oak Creative offers an incredible service. Over the years we have created strong logos and brands that really catch the eye and stick in the minds of customers. The logo design process might be a bit daunting for you, but Oak Creative runs a three stage process that will never alienate our clients: Find out more about our logo design service here.