Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Successful brands have a long term plan to achieve specific goals. Oak Creative can help you to consider where you want your brand to be in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years, to build a brand strategy and all the steps needed to get you there. 

Brand Guidelines

Large and small businesses alike benefit from brand guidelines, to ensure your brand is consistent and professional everywhere it appears. Oak Creative can develop your guidelines and build your brand. 


Exceptional quality design and strong copywriting is a powerful combination. We can help you to consider the language and the tone to define your brand or marketing messages, which will benefit your business in so many ways. 

Corporate Branding

It is increasingly important to promote your brand as a whole, rather than specific products or services.  Customers will buy into brand values and ethics, before committing to a purchase. We can help you to develop a unique, strong and meaningful brand identity to share with your customers. 

Logo Design

The power of a professional logo design should not be underestimated!  Designing a new logo or refreshing an existing one is a journey every business will take. Oak Creative’s expert logo design promises to give your business a solid visual foundation, which YOU are proud to look at. 


Marketing Planning

Everything created in the Oak Creative studio is part of a wider brand initiative, which is why we are best placed to develop your marketing plan with you.  It’s one of the best ways we work as a Creative Partner with businesses, to ensure your brand operates at it’s best. Working 12-18 months ahead we can schedule your marketing activity, map your campaigns and deliver what you need on time. We also offer in-house photography and videography services, which guarantees high quality unique imagery for your brand. 

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