Billboard Advertising

The Billboard: the Big Bold King of advertising

If you’re investing in decent billboard advertising space, you’re going to need a billboard design that has a clear message, takes branding into consideration and leaves a lasting impression. A mass audience is there for the taking, so you will need a creative image and message that work beautifully together.

Here’s a few considerations for a decent billboard:

  • What do you want to tell potential customers?
  • Use your best USP you can muster
  • Don’t waffle on!
  • Don’t do it in Word…  this need to be high resolution artwork – get the professionals to do it!
  • Use bold fonts and colours
  • If you’re using imagery, it needs to be high impact to capture attention
  • Simplicity rules!

We have many years of experience with creative design work, illustration and digital marketing to intertwine your offline advertising alongside your online marketing and ensure your brand message remains consistent wherever your users go.

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