Stand out from the crowd

Oak Creative specialise in advertising that catches the eye.

Underground billboard

Creative advertising solutions.

We’ve created endless advertising solutions over the years, and with a studio full of creative designers, there’s always fresh advertising ideas floating around. So if your business is struggling to get noticed amongst a sea of other companies, it could well be time to invest in some advertising expertise.

The creative advertising process

We’ll start with a meeting, where we’ll discuss your business, your customers, your advertising budget and what you want from us. We’ll show you examples of advertising that we’ve produced before, ask you questions in order for us to meet your brief and then start work on creative solutions.

These are the typical creative advertising solutions Oak produce:

Billboard Advertising

One of the most eye-catching and effective ways to advertise your business is to invest in some billboard space. They key is to catch the eye and keep the message clear and concise.

Brochure Design

We can design brochures of any size, regardless of the number of pages you have in mind. Combine photography and text to leave a positive impression with clients and customers.

Leaflet Design

Coming in all shapes and sizes, leaflets can be handed out, dropped through letterboxes or left in target areas to push and promote your products or services.

Marketing Planning

Every piece of work we design at Oak has marketing at its heart and a strong marketing plan can help your business bloom.

Press Advertising

If you’re investing in some advertising space, you should make sure your print design works hard for you. We can produce advertising for any print format, and have vast experience in producing one-off press adverts or creating on-going advertising campaigns.

Signs and Signage

Clean, crisp signage is key to getting customers through your door. You’ll need something eye catching and professional to reassure customers on how to get into your shop or business. Nothing says professional like a strong sign advertising your business.

Video and Photography

If a picture paints a thousand words, video paints billions. Professionally produced photography and film can do the job of a hundred sales pitches. Make sure your visuals match your ambition.