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Oak Creative have recently redesigned and rebuilt the Jenner Group’s site. Based in Folkestone, Kent, Jenner is a privately owned regional chartered building contractor that undertakes construction projects throughout Kent and East Sussex. Jenner wanted to showcase the range of projects they’ve been involved with, tell us about their rich history, as well as build their online reputation up to match the one they’d built with their clients over their long history.

After meeting with Jenner, we saw that we would need several key features on this Jenner web design:

  • Categorised Projects that could be added/updated by the team at Jenner
  • Editable content via WordPress
  • A Jenner ‘Time line’
  • A Flash slideshow on the homepage – nothing too tacky though!

Researching the number of projects Jenner had on it’s books would have been quite a daunting task – luckily Jenner had all this prepared for us, and provided it in a clear and concise way. This undoubtedly sped up the building process, allowing us to focus on the design and build of the site, with Jenner supplying all of the content to the site. The Jenner web design project was such a success mainly due to that working relationship.

One very interesting feature of the site was the inclusion of a time line, which detailed important occasions in Jenner’s history as a company, alongside historical events that happened elsewhere in the world. This is a great feature for the site, that not only provides compelling and interesting content, but also reassures the visitor that Jenner really know their stuff – they’re an established company with a long history and over 125 years of experience – great to know for potential customers. The look of the time line was also helped by some great images from over the years.

One other great feature of this Jenner web design is the ‘Team’ page. Jenner hired a professional photographer to come in and take some great shots of the management team in black and white – this combined with a short paragraph or two about themselves made a really interesting and professional introduction to the Jenner Group team.

Jenner and Oak are very happy with the conclusion of this project, and the praise has started coming in from customers and people in the trade already. Have a look at the site for yourselves and see what can be achieved when interesting content and imagery is combined with clean, smart design:

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