A Subtle and Sophisticated Rebrand

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

We’re excited to officially announce that 2018 will reveal a new brand identity for Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Oak Creative started work on this back in December 2017, however these kind of projects take time to perfect. The Marketing team at Port Lympne had a strong vision of the results they wanted to achieve, so Oak Creative has finessed and polished the final new brand identity. We’re now currently working through the many items which need ‘rebranding’.


Dinosaur Forest Artwork

Port Lympne Dinosaur Forest Artwork Designed by Oak Creative

Oak Creative has worked with the prestigious Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks for over a decade. Our studio has designed hundreds (actually it’s probably thousands!) of advertising campaigns, brochures, leaflets, posters, signage, digital artwork and much more. It’s a pleasure working with their Marketing and Management teams, overseeing all their brand activity; we truly are their brand guardians.


A key part of the branding exercise is a solid Brand Guidelines that everyone is on board with

A key part of the branding exercise is a solid Brand Guidelines that everyone is on board with

Jasper, Art Director at Oak Creative says: “Port Lympne is rapidly changing from a ‘safari day-out’ to a real immersive adventure where you can stay overnight and live and breathe safari life. It’s becoming more sophisticated as a brand so we’re supporting Port Lympne in strengthening their whole-brand image to become more cohesive. This has resulted in a simpler, cleaner and grown-up look…the excitement awaits you when you arrive at the park.”


In previous years, each division of the Port Lympne brand has had a separate identity. For example the Weddings, Conferences and Short Breaks each had an individual style. This is no longer the case and the brand will be aligned into one identity. The new brand will be soft-launched into the park over the next 12-18months, so Oak Creative will gradually build the new brand identity into new collateral.

We’re passionate about the conservation work at the heart of each park and are honoured to be part of their team: we’re thrilled that we continue to work together!