Seville 2009


Working for a design studio in Kent has its perks. The converted pub, the original bar, the relaxed atmosphere, the latest Apple Macs and let’s not forget the annual trip away.

Where have we been? 
Let’s see… New York City, Dublin… and now Seville. Allegedly the hottest city in Spain and certainly not bad for a May adventure! 
”Just before the British summer kicks in” he says: we all live in hope.

Caroline Butterfield, Oak managing director and truly lovely boss chose the most amazing hotel called “Las Casas de la Juderia”, a converted palace, for our stay: The hotel is a wonder of Spanish courtyards and gardens laced with flowers, art, sculpture, endless corridors with hidden tunnels and a roof top swimming pool. Not bad hey?


We dined on Chorizo and red wine and it was often Ham’o time. It was hard work, slowly walking the cobbled streets,gazing at the amazing architecture, gardens, art galleries and pretty squares full of Tapas bars, which soon meant more Ham’o time – a million miles away from our design studio in Kent.

The flamenco evening was a highlight and a must see.
The Oak Creative team had a great time helped along the way with the relaxed Seville way of life.

Thanks very much Caroline,
the Oka Creative team x

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