Scaling Up – Acorns to Oaks

Oak Creative helps Kent businesses to grow, using exceptional design to establish brands in their marketplace.  

It’s what we have always done for our clients and it’s become an integral part of our service.  We know that great design builds strong brands and many of our clients are recognised as prestigious Kent businesses.

In March this year, Oak Creative were selected by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce to ‘Scale Up’. Delivered by New Level Results, the Scale Up programme takes businesses that are keen to grow and helps them to traverse the terrain. Excitingly it is now Oak Creative’s turn to work on our own business. The past few months we have thinking about what we’d like our future to look like and how we’re going to get there. 

Scale Up has helped us to set achievable goals each month relating to our brand, our audience, our processes, our team and much more. It has been great to focus our minds on what our brand represents to the outside world. Our new branding which launched in September 2019 is dynamic, bold and fun, most importantly it showcases our breadth of creativity to anyone who sees it.  You can read more about our rebrand here.

Oak Creative is very much looking forward to attending the Kings Summit on 10th October at Canterbury Cricket Ground. The mix of Kent businesses, energetic speakers and engaging presentations promises for a worthwhile day for any Kent business. 

Oak Creative have been working with New Level Results for the past 6 months, helping us to manage a lot of changes within our business.  Simon Teague’s contribution and acumen at this time has helped us infinitely.  Simon will be speaking at The Kings Summit in October. The event is a must for any Kent business who foresees growth in their future.  With our newsfeeds shadowed in Brexit uncertainty, now has to be the time we invest in our businesses and plan what we want our future to be. 

Oak Creative are secondary sponsors of the Kings Summit – 10th October 2019

Oak Creative is passionate about helping Kent businesses to thrive and as such we are proud to be secondary sponsors of the Kings Summit 2019. Kent is a huge county with a diverse wealth of businesses and we’re proud that our design work contributes to Kent’s economic growth. 

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