Plastic Action

Blue Planet brought the dangers of plastic into the spotlight… how do we keep the message going?

Infographics for change

It’s always exciting when a brief comes along that has the potential to make a real difference.

The second series of The Blue Planet brought to light the disastrous effect plastic waste is having on our oceans. Sometimes it takes a horrifying image to really hit home a message, and the scenes of sea animals in peril, wrapped up in discarded plastics had an incredible impact. Add the sage, fatherly tones of the incredible David Attenborough to the mix and the global social and political approach to waste will never be the same again.

But how do we keep the message going?

Bloggers have the ability to influence a huge audience and connect with specific sub-cultures and age groups. Holiday Extras are a travel company that invests in its blogging culture, with a whole department dedicated to engaging people online.

In a push for World Oceans Day on the 8th of June, Holiday Extras wanted to really hit home with a couple of their articles on travelling sustainably and doing so using less plastic. They briefed us to design an infographic describing the impact of plastics on our oceans, for part of a campaign in association with the Travel Foundation.

They briefed us to produce some on-brand graphics that illustrated each of the 7 ways we can all travel with less plastic, as well as an infographic with some startling facts about the plastic in our oceans, which you can see below.

The full infographic designed by Jasper at Oak Creative for Holiday Ectras

As well as the infographic, we split up the facts and figures into easy-to-digest graphics that would fit perfectly into social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter without any of the information or illustration being cropped out.

You can read all about how to travel with less plastic and tips for travelling sustainably on the Holiday Extras website, or follow them on Facebook for regular travel tips and content.

You can also read about all the great work the Travel Foundation do on their website.

Remember – if you need infographics or illustration, get in touch – don’t let your article sink into the depths of the internet – stay afloat with some great design by Oak Creative.

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