Oak’s favourite Apple shortcuts

One of the many benefits of working in a smaller team is that we can easily share our immense knowledge with one another – especially Apple Mac shortcuts. Some of these beauties save us literally hours a week, where as others are just pretty cool! Here’s what we consider to be our favourite Mac shortcuts:

Caroline (Pantone® 607)
I’ve set up Quark shortcuts for my InDesign, so my favourite shortcuts are CMD + ALT + SHIFT + P to adjust page size and CMD + ALT + SHIFT + F to fit a picture to it’s frame… and for when I lose my glasses I find myself relying on CTRL + roll on the mouse ball to zoom in!

Rick (Pantone 376)
Can’t live without CMD + R to bring up my rulers – saves a lot of faffing about going through preferences, this works for most Adobe products.

Pip (Pantone 2645c)
Shift + CMD + 4 – Screen Grab – none of this print screen PC nonsense

Ewen (Pantone 137 C)
ALT + Click on layer using move tool and drag to duplicate a layer or image in Photoshop… this shortcut has basically changed the way I think about life.

Barry  (Pantone 7535 C)
I was awoken to how beautiful life can be when I witnessed the combination of CMD + Click with the move tool on a layered PSD to automatically select that layer.

Jasper (Pantone Process Blue)
Using CMD + ] and CMD + [ to increase and decrease brush sizes has saved me over 3 years in time.

Charlie (Pantone 484C)

*in Photoshop – this brings up the pointer tool!

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