Oak up in the Rafters

On 12 October the Oak Creative team embarked on a tour of Canterbury Cathedral – not just your average tour though: A special access tour of the rooftops and rafters, bid for at a charity auction for those lovely people at the Young Lives Foundation.


The Receiver General, Brigadier M J Meardon DL FCMI, led us into the Cathedral and up our first of many sets of spiral staircases, which certainly warmed us up on a chilly November evening. As we made our way around the upper reaches of the oldest Cathedral in Britain, we not only learnt about the history of the cathedral but also about the complicated and intricate monitoring and maintenance processes that go into keeping this colossal landmark safe, standing and looking as impressive as it always does.


As it was such a dry evening we were able to safely venture right up onto the roof of the tallest tower, braving the icy winds and taking in the glorious panorama of Canterbury in the moonlight.




After watching and hearing some of the bells in action, we made our way back down the spiral staircase, thanked our extremely learned guide and made our way to La Trappiste Bar for some well-earned food and drink.


Thanks again go to the Young Lives Foundation for arranging such a unique tour for us.









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