Oak Creative Gets Spooky – Pumpkin Carving Ideas

As we embrace another festival of ghosts, ghouls and other creatures of the night Oak decided to add it’s own creative slant to Halloween this year. The lights went out at 4.30pm and our collective pumpkin carving ideas grinned back at us whilst we sipped our afternoon Tea, how civilized!


Obviously the chance to swap the keyboard for a sharp knife and sculpt some pumpkin masterpieces couldn’t be ignored. Any resemblances cannot be confirmed or denied but Ironman did make an appearance and a certain TV personalty we can’t mention, but as fate would have it half his face collapsed so there you go. Caroline decided to go along the Grand designs route whilst the rest of us carved more traditional faces with appropriately mad expressions. Dane’s nod to ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’ certainly glows extremely well in the dark, mind you he does live closer to Dungeness than anyone else.

We love our seasons so look out for Oak’s Christmas Carol Service this year! We’ll be attempting to keep in tune whilst singing along to classics like Pantone White Christmas and Do they know it’s OS Xmas.

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