Oak Creative and Miss Delicious

Oak Creative hits the beach!


Last Monday the 19th July the Oak Creative team hit the beach to soak up a few rays, enjoy a BBQ and go out boating!!

Shakespeare beach, Dover was the destination – hardly Malibu, but who cares? It was a great evening! We treated ourselves to a slap-up BBQ with our lottery winnings: Charlie’s lottery system is really starting to pay dividends.

Everyone went out on ‘Miss Delicious’, Ewen and Steve’s boat. Everyone took turns being towed behind on the double ring… and trust me it’s pretty fast. The boat is a V8 5.6 and kicks out 340bhp! On one turn when Steve was driving, towing Stu and Barry, they nearly ended up being dragged along the beach shingle. Steve reckons he had it all under control –  whatever that means!

Anyway, the sea was calm, the sun kept on shinning and we all chilled, eating burgers and enjoying a drink or two.

I think the general consensus is we’re going to do it again – Soon!

Check out the video of Barry and Stu being towed by Steve the psycho…

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