Keeping business local – Using a Design Agency in Kent

We in Britain are finding that outsourcing based on price alone is usually short-sighted and unsustainable.

When communication breaks down or things go wrong it is very reassuring to know your design agency  is just down the road in Kent and has an interest in protecting its reputation. We at Oak Creative find that people need some personal contact, a friendly voice at the end of the phone, somewhere to visit, someone to deliver, something tangible not just an PO box, email/web address or a mobile phone number.

Word of mouth referrals and reputation are key to most business success. We all rely on recommendations and take heed of warnings. It is true that a customer remembers the service they receive long after they forget the price.

To sustain a business for any length of time, particularly in this economic climate, a company needs to create a good image and reputation in the local area and maintain it. When you support local companies you are more likely to be able to buy with confidence.  By supporting other local reputable businesses an environment is created that sustains itself, businesses recommend by other businesses to you and visa verca.  No business is an island.

The personal touch for Oak’s business is paramount. Understanding our clients, their businesses, their location and their market is key to our success. To build and maintain a bond of trust is a major part of what we do. It is also very satisfying for us to see successful local companies displaying our designs around the area.  Visiting our clients Biddenden Vineyards at their vineyard on a beautiful spring day to design their wine labels, seeing their business go from strength to strength over many years, this is what we thrive on.

There is something satisfying about local networking, sharing common interests and a shared future. So wether its buying cooking oil, oak buildings, kitchens or cider,  perhaps its time we all thought and bought a little closer to home.

Think Globally… buy locally.

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