Illustrating your bucket list

What’s on your bucket list?  Everyone’s got a list of activities they’d love to do…it’s fun to talk about, dream about and one day make real plans to do them.

Holiday Extra’s wanted to inspire their customers to travel and do something on their bucket list.  Rather than being a company where you book your airport parking or buy your travel insurance, Holiday Extras are stepping back to inspire customers to travel, full stop. Because travelling is exciting!

So, to excite their customers Oak Creative were briefed to come up with a one-off work of art encompassing lots of Bucket List activities.  This sounds simple, but this wasn’t just another marketing campaign…this piece of art needed to really turn heads.  But this is no problem, the Oak studio is full of talented illustrators who rose to this challenge with valour.

We created this masterpiece of bucket list activities, in a vintage style.  It’s interesting, inspiring and mythological – reminding customers to escape their everyday and start exploring!

If you need inspiring content created, use our illustration services to come up with something totally unique. It’s sure to turn heads

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