Growing the Oak Creative Brand

On Monday Oak Creative unveiled our new logo to the world. Weeks of sketching, coffee, design hours and some fancy animation resulted in our new branding going live.

We strongly believe brands should continually evolve and grow along with the business itself. We work with a lot of brands every day in our design studio, and each time we create and deliver something for our customers, we are assisting with helping grow their brand awareness. Developing and keeping up with change is important and companies that invest in their brand are seen as more professional and trusted by customers. 

Over the Summer we’ve been working on our own brand as we wanted to showcase just how creative we are. Our brand needs to reflect our own values, qualities and service, which is why we decided to introduce a whole new series of branding for Oak Creative. 

You’ll see the Oak ‘O’ popping up in various graphical forms over the coming months – we’ve kept our logotype the same, but each time we’ve changed the graphical style of the O. This allows us to be dynamic and fun, but importantly to show the breadth of creativity we offer here at Oak Creative. 

The first two of many graphical variations of the Oak Creative ‘O’
Our new icon range representing our six design services

The timing for revealing our new brand is perfect.  In March this year, Oak Creative were fortunate enough to be selected by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce to ‘Scale Up’.  The Scale Up programme is delivered by New Level Results, which takes Kent businesses who want to grow and helps them to navigate the path ahead.  What this means is that it is now Oak Creative’s turn to grow our own business. The past few months we have been quietly considering what our future looks and planning on our own roadmap. And in our opinion, our future is extremely exciting! 

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