Creative design agency showcases local talent with new sculpture

Canterbury-based sculptor Nik Glancy has unveiled his latest piece of work in the gardens of local creative design agency, Oak Creative, near Hythe in Kent.

Commissioned for businesswoman Caroline Butterfield, “Sculpture for Peter” is carved from cathedral stone (Chilmark Stone) and is a blend of elements with special meaning to her: music, the guitar, an oak leaf and boat sails.

"Sculpture for Peter" by Nik Glancy, in the gardens of, Newingreen
“Sculpture for Peter” by Nik Glancy, in the gardens of, Newingreen

Nik Glancy said: “My intention was to have these shapes blend into one another as you walk around the piece, changing as you move. I also put some elements in it, which were kind of hidden, just hinted at. It was intended to be a subtle thing that you may not notice straight away.

“I am very happy indeed that Caroline, her family and friends like the sculpture. Art is such a subjective thing, one never knows if the ideas, thoughts and feelings that you put into the work will be communicated to others. When it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Caroline, Studio Director of Oak Creative, said: “This commission has been a collaborative process, with me giving Nik a specific brief and the two of us working together so that it has evolved in a very organic way. I’m so happy with the resulting piece. Not only does it have real significance for me, it also fits into the Royal Oak grounds so well, providing a statement piece for all who pass by.”

“I’ve admired Nik’s work since 2008, and the time was right to go ahead with a special commission for the Royal Oak garden.”


Extract from Nik Glancy’s artistic statement:

“I work in various materials, stone, wood, clay, bronze etc. However my main passion is carved sculpture. For me, carved sculpture has an energy and a life to it that is entirely unique, born from the material and the process of carving itself.”

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You can view more of Nik Glancy’s work here.

Nik Glancy attended Canterbury College then KIAD Canterbury (UCA) to study Art, completing A Level, Foundation and a Degree in Fine Art, with a specialism in sculpture. He graduated in 1995 and began working as a freelance artist producing work for galleries as well as on a commission basis. He currently works as a freelance artist and teaches sculpture at Canterbury College.

The sculpture was commissioned by Simon Hagger, CEO of Holiday Extras Short Breaks Division, which shares the old Royal Oak public house building and garden with Oak Creative.

Chilmark Stone is a type of limestone which comes from the Chicksgrove quarry in Salisbury.

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