Covid 19: How can we help you?

At Oak Creative, we want to help our Kent community through this time and beyond.  How can we help you?

It’s true to say in the past few weeks the world as we know it has been turned upside down.  However, it has also been incredibly humbling to see communities collaborating to help one another in times of need.  So many of Kent’s businesses are proudly helping their community and we want to help you! 

Oak Creative has been working in Kent for 30 years and we’re fortunate to have clients in all sectors. So far we’ve been helping our clients with immediate responses to Covid 19 as well as continuing with ongoing projects.  But we want Kent to know that we are here to help YOU.

Some businesses have been inundated with new customers and orders, as a result of Covid 19. Perhaps you need new social media banners, new websites, new order forms (digital or printed).  These businesses will need to tell their story for years to come because they are the heroes of this time.

Other businesses are waiting it out, perhaps furloughing staff and using the time to take stock of what their business will look like in the future.  Some are using the time for long awaited rebrands, to refine processes and practices.  These businesses will be ready and waiting for the market to return. 

Either way, we can help you and your brand.  We’re offering discounted rates on many of our services at this time so it could be a good time to revive ideas or get something delivered which has been on the back burner. Alternatively, we will gladly quote on projects which can be resumed when the storm is over.  You can use this time wisely for your business whatever Covid 19 means for you.

Please send us your enquiries now. We want everyone to succeed and for Kent to to be brilliant now and in the future!

May we take this opportunity to show our support and gratitude to all the key workers and essential trade who are working extremely hard at this time.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

Send your enquiries to Our team are working remotely as per the government guidelines so we can phone you back or arrange a Google Hangout.

Stay safe everyone.

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