Brand Story 2: Trainer Courses Ltd

Oak Creative has always loved seeing Kent businesses succeed.  As we settle into our ‘new normal’, Oak Creative have been talking to Kent businesses about their brand’s experience through the pandemic. 

This time we spoke with Philip Inglis of Trainer Courses Ltd. Based in Kent, Trainer Courses are the leading national healthcare ‘train the trainer’ provider. They support over 7000 accredited trainers in the UK. Trainer Courses Ltd. are an ambitious and innovative brand, Gold Investors in people, and ISO9001 accredited.

Q: Tell us about your journey through lockdown:

A: Lockdown certainly gave us some thinking time but we quickly launched our Virtual Registered Trainer Solution, to enable our 7000 trainers to continue working. Fortunately this is something we had in the pipeline so we expedited the launch due to Covid and it’s worked brilliantly.

In addition, we immediately increased our operating hours so we could take calls from 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week. When many businesses were closing their doors, we knew we had to continue to support our large network of trainers in the healthcare industries. This made a huge impact to our reputation and maintained momentum for everyone. Being available, helpful and productive during the lockdown meant we were able to win new business from different industries too, which was an unexpected outcome of the pandemic.

Q: What role has your brand identity played during the pandemic?

A: Our industry reputation has always been very strong and the fortunately the pandemic has only strengthened it further. Our commitment to our 7000 trainers to continue delivering the service they need, as well as our innovative mindset has meant we’ve been able to enhance our reputation even more.

In terms of our brand communications, Oak Creative very promptly added a Covid alert messages to our website to inform visitors of our new Virtual Registered Trainer Solution. We also very quickly added a dedicated COVID-19 Support webpage to our website for Frequently Asked Questions. These types of transparent communications were necessary and welcomed to keep customers informed at a time of crisis.

Once our face to face courses were scheduled to recommence, we needed to add more courses to our rota to accommodate social distancing and deliver courses which had been cancelled during lockdown. Oak Creative devised a table to show course dates and availability which can be updated in house. It’s a simple grid for each course which allows customers to readily see available dates and book. It’s these kind of simple tools, ease of use and clarity for customers which cements our brand reputation.

Q: What do next 12 months look like for your business?

A: Typically the Summer months are quieter for many industries, however we’re busier than ever! Social distancing measures combined with a backlog of bookings means our courses are in high demand, so we’re putting on more dates at more venues across the UK for the foreseeable future.

A word we use very often in our team is ‘momentum’. We’ve made a lot of positive changes to our business due to Covid and we want to continue adapting our service and products to be the very best. Whilst we will continue to be led by government guidelines, we will continue to push boundaries to make our service the very best.

In September we launched our first VIP campaign, which was a password protected area on the website where the customer could gain special reduced prices for a limited time. Oak Creative developed this feature, enhancing the existing store facilities, adding new functionality and making it incredibly easy for us to manage. The campaign was so well received and generated so many orders, that we plan to relaunch it early part of next year.

Trainer Courses VIP Area

Q: How important has having a Creative Partner been for building your brand?

A: Trainer Courses Ltd. have been working with Oak Creative for over 4 years. I believe the past 4 years working with Oak has led us to this point – we were ready when Covid hit.  We were confident in our business model and practices, we had solid foundations in place.

The website delivered by the team at Oak Creative has given us limitless possibilities and allowed us to carry on being innovative with the confidence that it can be achieved. As a Creative Partner, Oak Creative has been very important to our growth.

Visit Trainer Courses online to find out about the selection of training courses they offer.

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