Developing the Cuzco Foods brand

Cuzco Foods were kindly recommended to us by another client.  They had heard about Oak Creative’s branding skills in the food and drinks sector, and needed to get a piece of this for themselves!

Cuzco Foods are based in Peru and specialise in traditional Peruvian food condiments. They already had a strong existing brand identity and even sub brands within their range. However, they approached Oak Creative to help develop the brand further ready for launching to US and UK markets.

The team at Oak did some brand evolution work with the existing designs, reworking label layouts, colours, fonts and styling. Part of the brand development included exploring a range of print options. The print finish is an extension of the brand itself so it was important to do several test prints to compare finishes.


Further to this, we developed a suite of sales sheets to accompany the products.  These are integral tools when selling products into retail stockists and needed to be an seamless extension of the product brand.


Oak Creative are experienced in the food and drink sector.  Each food product label must contain certain information such as the ingredients, weight and a barcode – all of which must be incorporated into the overall design.  Plus, different countries have different requirements, which often means several label iterations for each product.


We’ve established a successful long distance relationship with Cuzco Foods, proving that different global time zones are no barrier to achieving great design!