A website redesign for adventure-seekers

CMC Reimo Redesign

Oak Creative helped Concept MultiCar to bring their website up to date: a website redesign that is fully responsive for use on any device, catch the eye of the huge camper van market and accurately appeal to travel seeking adventurers!

Concept Multi Car approached Oak Creative looking for a website redesign. As with many clients, their old website had come to the end of its lifespan. It had most certainly had done a job for many years, but it was time to bring it up to speed with a responsive web design that would look good across all devices. CMC also wanted the ability to update the website themselves, adding new camper vehicles for sale and removing sold vehicles.

With a site as large as the proposed new CMC one, a lot of planning was required before even getting started on any design work.

Firstly we had a meeting to kick things off – covering:

  • Goals of the redesign
  • Failings of the current website
  • Improving usability and connection with website visitors
  • Improving tracking to analyse the success of the redesign
  • How WordPress works
  • Design and branding
  • Budgets
Concept Multi-Car Website Redesign

Sitemaps, Wireframes and Development

From here, we produced a site map of the website redesign – a sketch that demonstrates the size and structure – and we also produced proposed wireframes for each of the new page templates that would feature on the website.  We also suggested developing the site in 3 clear phases, to help keep us all on the same page.   This makes the project manageable for both us and the customer.

Once the structure was sorted out, we started thinking about colours, fonts and imagery. CMC’s traditional blue played a major part, as well as their logo, which we designed a few years back.

Then it’s all over to our developer to create the templates and CSS for the bespoke WordPress build, making it as straightforward as possible for CMC to update and manage the website themselves, editing content, uploading images and placing new vehicles on the website to sell.

After a little back and forth tweaking things, it’s time for a thorough test on all browsers and devices, followed by an organised go live date, making sure the site is running as planned on CMC’s server.

With full training and post-live support available for any ongoing questions, CMC have a powerful tool to push their business forward. If your website is looking a bit worn around the edges and you would like to discuss a website redesign, please get in touch.

Easy-to-edit Custom WordPress Theme

Editing CMC