5 reasons you need great photography

A photograph really is worth a thousand words. Our eyes are drawn towards imagery before text so quality photography is the hook every company needs to attract customers. Whether it be a brochure design, website design or marketing material – everything needs wonderful images which help show your brand in it’s very best light.

Oak handle many photo shoots each year on behalf of our clients.  Just last week, we planned and directed a three day shoot for Holiday Extras which has captured the photos they need for a year-long campaign.  Plus, we’re in the midst of planning shoots for two of our longstanding customers, both established businesses in the food industry.  So it seems like an appropriate time to give you our top 5 tips and reasons to have great photography:

1. Show off your products and services. Photography is the best way to showcase what you do, it can be used across all your marketing material and helps make your product more accessible to the customer.

2. Your visual brand. Photography can be tailored to your ethos, it can be styled to suit your product so becoming the cornerstone of your brand. Quality branding is a visual language which engages and breeds customer loyalty.

3. Quality professional imagery not only ensures a consistency of style but also quality of production. How many times is a low resolution image formatted for web and ends up being used for print and looks terrible. Original large format files will cater to all media, web banners and small leaflets to the largest billboards and vehicle wraps

4. Think outside the box! Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be scary or difficult. There isn’t always an image to portray something intangible, so we can help you to think outside the box and come up with concepts which translate and look amazing. You have the product and as a team of creatives, we have the vision!

5. Planning and more planning. Oak will help you to nail a photographic style which suits your brand and products. A structured photoshoot can make this happen, it will cater for all potential usage and size formats giving you the image library you need for your marketing campaigns. This planned structure gives us the platform to look at the details and find those inspirational shots.

What better example to give than Oak ourselves!  We needed to set a photographic style for our website last year.  So we set up an in-house photo shoot, planned the shot list and materials needed to capture these images, which resulted in getting the exact shots we wanted.

These shots were planned to be the hero images for the website, which purposefully show each brands strong visual identity and how the branding seamlessly spans the range of collateral produced by the Oak studio.   The uniform angular styling was designed to build a visual theme throughout the website.