Five star treatment is not wasted – Kent Web Design

Star Waste/Demolition goes LIVE with the usual Oak Kent Web Design five star treatment. Star of Ross Way, Folkestone are a well established local company. Wanting to combine their two interests Waste Management and Demolition in one shiny new website. Oak Creative set about creating a seamless web site design combining the two businesses. The

Keeping business local – Using a Design Agency in Kent

We in Britain are finding that outsourcing based on price alone is usually short-sighted and unsustainable. When communication breaks down or things go wrong it is very reassuring to know your design agency  is just down the road in Kent and has an interest in protecting its reputation. We at Oak Creative find that people

Seville 2009

Working for a design studio in Kent has its perks. The converted pub, the original bar, the relaxed atmosphere, the latest Apple Macs and let’s not forget the annual trip away. Where have we been? 
Let’s see… New York City, Dublin… and now Seville. Allegedly the hottest city in Spain and certainly not bad for

Web Design Kent: How is your website performing?

A website has become a customers first port of call when they are looking for a service or business. The days of flicking through the Yellow Pages are gone – now people open up their browser, bash in ‘web design Kent’ and let the search engines do the hard work. Is your website ready to