Mapping the way for great map design

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park has had some big changes in recent months. New accommodation, new animal enclosures and new safaris!  Oak Creative were asked to revamp the Port Lympne park map design which reflects all these exciting changes.

Maps are ultimately a communication tool.  They need to look attractive and on brand, but they also need to be highly functional. The newly designed map is integral to visitors day out at Port Lympne – to make sure they don’t get lost!  Luckily we are old hands at map design in the Oak studio…

Map of Port Lympne Reserve 2017

Port Lympne is over 100 acres so we accurately scaled down the entire park before adding in the routes and safari areas.  The new South American safari routes have been added as well as new accommodation, Rhino Lodge and Tiger Lodge, plus some newly built roads.  The various roads and pathways are differentiated using different style lines i.e. buggy friendly routes, main roads, pedestrian zones etc.

We have used muted brand colours to separate each area of the park, and used brand fonts for all text or logos.  When it comes to the animals themselves, Port Lympne asked for the animals to look ‘real’ so we digitally cut out real life photographs of each animal to put into place on the map.   We populated the map with trees and watering holes, then added in icons for all of the park facilities, shops, toilets and eateries.

Port Lympne receives visitors of all ages and multiple nationalities, so we were very mindful of clear communication in the design.  There are a lot of subtleties in map design to ensure the end result looks great and works!

So, on your next visit to Port Lympne take a moment to appreciate the fantastic map design by Oak Creative 😉