Creative and Functional Label Design

Labels are the holy grail of food and drinks packaging.  The label design is the all important window into the product and the brand, it tells your customers everything they need to know and feel about your product. It truly ‘sells’ your product!

However, aside from looking pretty, the label contains a multitude of important information.  The weight, the shelf life, the mix of ingredients, dietary information – the list goes on. This information is usually a legal requirement and all of these elements are subtly incorporated into the label design.

Now, when a change of legislation comes about, of course all the labels in your range will need updating!  But fear not, Oak Creative are very experienced in this field. We methodically work through the food range and systematically make the updates to each label, however big or small.  In the past month, the Oak studio has seen around 50 label updates!

We’ve just completed a series of label changes for Nip From The Hip, in line with new Trading Standards legislation.  We agreed a new label layout would be the most effective way to incorporate the changes, but keep all the existing branding in place.  The new label is a wrap around style rather than 2 separate front and back stickers. The new labels have now been printed and are ready for application from January 2018.

We’ve also done a similar set of updates for The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company, adding nutritional information to all their fruits in liquor products.

Our experience in the food industry means our customers trust us to deliver these updates accurately, every time they are needed.  It’s not what you might call creative design, but it’s equally as important as making your labels look pretty. Here’s just a few of the labels we’ve designed for food and drinks brands: