Celebrating 25 years on top of the world!

2016 is a big milestone for Oak Creative – it’s our 25 year anniversary!  We hope you’ll agree that 25 years in business is an achievement deserving of celebration and recognition. Although we’ve kept this milestone a little bit quiet so far, you can see further down this post how we celebrated our success, on a team trip to Iceland earlier this year…

Caroline Butterfield started Oak Creative started back in 1991,  when our work was primarily graphic design for ABC Holidays (now known as Holiday Extras).  Since 1991, the agency has grown into a thriving creative studio, serving a range of clients in multiple industries.  We’re lucky enough to have longstanding clients in the food and drink industry, leisure industry, marine industry and farming industry, to name a few.  And most importantly we are lucky enough to have an ever evolving bunch of talented people who make everything possible for our customers – which is why we are still here 25 years on!

Oak is a very unique agency because our roots are firmly grounded in creative and art foundations.  We’re one of the only business in Kent who has this edge because our team is made up of artists, illustrators, web designers and photographers.  We know through experience what we’re good at and we do it well!  We’ll never pretend we can do more than we really can.

To celebrate our 25 year milestone we planned an epic trip to Iceland!

Such a big milestone was deserving of an epic celebration.  So we jetted off for a long weekend to experience the natural and geological beauty of Iceland.  The trip was a dream come true to our creative team, who were so inspired by the landscapes and colours we saw there. Iceland really was like being on top of the world, especially when we climbed a mountain in a 4×4 superjeep safari! The pictures below show some of the wonderful sights and scenery we saw. Enjoy the gallery below….