Were you April Fooled?

Oak Creative has been in on the action with a couple of our customers April Fools day pranks. We’ve been busy utilising our very best and most deceiving design skills, to create believable nonsense – we love it!  Were you fooled?

For Port Lympne, we cleverly photoshopped the parks famous Silverback gorilla ‘Ambam’ onto the High Speed train platform.  The Facebook post claims that after some training, Ambam will be checking tickets on the route to Ashford International.  On Facebook the post reached over 45,000 people, had 582 reactions and 126 shares. Plus Kent Live News listed the story in their ‘Best Fake News’ stories for this years April Fools pranks!

For Holiday Extras, we drew an artists impression of their futuristic Space Station Lounge.  The press release implies that with space travel becoming more mainstream, Holiday Extras are planning to open a space station lounge to accommodate intergalactic travellers.  The post reached over 26,000 people on Facebook and was featured in the Scottish Sun reaching 206,000 readers.

Ewen from Oak Creative says: ‘April Fools is a great time to have a bit of fun with your product and brand.  There’s no other time in the year where you can get away with communicating jokes! We’re always so pleased to help our customers come up with a wacky idea and most of all have fun with it.’